Make your Harmonica roar by plugging your microphone into a Harmonica Amplifier. Together with a high impedance harmonica microphone this is essential to give you the Chicago sound that harmonica players crave. Small practice amplifiers are ideal for playing at home and jamming with friends and if you want to play live with your band they can simply be miked up through the PA system. 

For a professional and traditional amplified tone, you most certainly require a valve amp, also known as a tube amplifier. Little Walter was the first player to use the technique of using a valve guitar amplifier for his harmonica, creating a whole new spectrum of sounds not available in previous methods. Nothing beats that valve sound, warm yet crunchy when you need it, dial in for a full bass response and cut through the mix even with loud guitarists in your band. 

Try your amplification techniques on the all valve hand wired Honkin’ Tom’s Super Chump Amp, a plug and play device and get that awesome vintage blues harp sound.