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All packages are shipped the next day if possible and more often than not shipped on the actual day, larger items that require a courier may take longer. Postage is generally 2nd class and recorded when required, heavier items that require a courier will take a little longer. Items that include 'free postage' will be sent 2nd class. Parcels posted outside the UK will take approx 5 days to Europe and 7 days approx for International, heavier items may take longer. At busuer times eg Christmas, again, delays are to be expected.

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Are there discounts for buying multiple items?

Yes, generally the postage fees are very fair but if you purchase at least a couple of items and the postage fee seems a little high please contact us and we will see if we can help with reducing the postage cost for you, in most cases we will.

Having been a semi-professional harmonica player for over 20 years I have been asked a lot of question at gigs and performances, many of them the same, here are those questions answered in the order of being asked.

What payment options do you have?

When you go through checkout you will be taken to a PayPal page, here you can pay using paypal but if you prefer to use your credit or debit card there is a link on the lower left of the PayPal page asking if you want to pay by card, click here and you can input your card details details as normal.

What kind of harmonica do you play to get that bluesy sound?

Easy, ditch your cheap 40 hole round the camp fire harmonica that you tried to play the Rocky theme tune on, it ain’t gonna work, you need a diatonic harmonica, they only come with 10 holes. This is all I play and pretty much all I sell.

What key should I buy a harmonica in?

It is very easy to complicate this answer so I will try to make it as simple as I can. If you want to play like Bob Dylan (folky not bluesy) and the key of the song is in G, you play your diatonic harmonica in G, the key that the song is in, simple. But you want to play blues style, if you want to play blues style and the song is in G you should play a diatonic harmonica in C, not so simple.

This is because to get the notes that you need you cannot always get them from sucking or blowing straight on a note, you need to bend some notes to get them, interesting eh? That’s the blues sound you been lookin’ for!

Here is the basic chart that shows you which diatonic harmonica  key to use for the key the song is in

E —————– A
A —————– D
G —————– C
C —————– F
D —————– G
F —————– Bb

What is the best key harmonica for a beginner?

There is no straight answer to this but here is any easyish one. If you are playing solo you can play in any key. But for many reasons starting in 'C' seems to make sense. Why? Well, it is easy for guitarsts to play along, there are a lot of songs to play along with in this key too. It is easier to have a go at bending notes without bending them all the time if you were to play the same way (beginner like) on a different key harp. One of the best reasons for the beginner harmonica player is that most cheap harmonicas come in 'C' only. Beginner harmonica players generally would rather not commit to a £25 blues harp if they are not sure they are gonna stick with it!  Enter the budget end of the harmonica spectrum.

How do I get a single note?

Look at yourself in the mirror and blow yourself a kiss, I know this my take you back to your early teens. Stop before you let your lips go back into their normal position. Don’t get too carried away with the kissing and open your eyes, that kiss shape is the gateway to single note heaven.

Why does my amplifier feedback?

This is the harmonica players curse, it is difficult to control but here’s some tips. You may have either too much Hi or Low on the tone dial maybe but more often than not your too close or facing your amp, take a step back. Also you may be trying to play too loud, see next question.

When I play with a band I am never loud enough, why?

Bands with  drums and strutting guitarists will always smother the harp player, if you try to crank up the volume of your amp it will feedback, fact. Your band simply won’t turn down you set your amp to its best tone and mic it up, run a lead to the PA where the singer is screaming his guts into and trace your harp out the speakers, but remember don’t stand in front of them or face them either.

How do I clean a harmonica?

Some leave their blues harmonicas in a glass of water over night but if you forget you have a wood comb harp you will wake up and it will be twice the size. Simply tap and wipe your harmonica during and after use. Don’t go poking too far but you can remove some build up with a small screw driver of something of a similar shape.

What should I be listening to for good harmonica music?

Good question! Here are some of the more popular names of great harmonica players or bands that play superb blues harmonica music.

Old guys – Little Walter, Big Walter Horton, Sonny Boy Williamson I and II, Paul Butterfield, Carey Bell, James Cotton, Slim Harpo, Charlie Musselwhite, Lee Oskar, Jimmy Reed, George Smith, Sonny Terry, Rod Piazzo, Junior Wells.

Newer guys – Paul Lamb, Adam Gussow,  Jason Ricci, Son of Dave, Blues Traveller

Is my Grandads harmonica worth anything?

One word answer, NO, unless your Grandad is Howlin’ Wolf. Fat chance!

Do you know anybody who has downloadable lessons to help me improve quicker?

I sure do! Adam Gussow will do the job with aplomb. Check out his site here- www.modernbluesharmonica.com

Is there somewhere where I can get lots of harmonica information without having to trawl the net?

Everything you need in one place here http://www.harmonicalessons.com

Free Site & Members Area — Over 190 tabs and songs — Jam to the Blues — All levels — Complete Beginners Section — 600 webpages of Info.

I'm looking for someone to fix, retune, replace reeds or refurbish my Hohner hatrmonica. Who can help me?

Only one guy for this task, leave it in the hands of Mr Slim. www.henryslim.co.uk

I'm a real beginner and am looking for  really easy beginner harmonica lessons, who can you reccommend?

If you want you harmonica lesson easy than this is the right place for you if you a beginner harmonica player. www.easyharplessons.com

Do you supply to schools and colleges?

We sure do. We can send large quantities of harmonicas if required and also other musical instruments not posted in the site like kazoo's and tambourines. If you have a request please call or email your details and requirements and we will be sure to get back to you with a suitable match and a very competitive price.