About Us

Welcome to Honkin’ Harmonica Shop. It all started…….

A long time ago I visited the grave of the late great Little Walter;  the best blues harp player there ever was, period.  I closed my eyes and  spoke to Walter; I said “Walter, how can I ever be as good a blues  harmonica player as you?”

He said “Son, you can’t, but what you can do is spread the word of  the most unique sounding instrument known to man, tell people about the  Harmonica, tell people how great it sound when it’s amplified, you do  remember I was the first to play harmonica using a mic through a guitar  amp don’t ya? “Yes I replied”.

Walter continued “Help em to learn how to play, , help em choose the  right microphone, make sure they look after their equipment, answer  their questions, but there is one golden rule you must stick to; if they  ain’t got the blues you can’t help em”.

I understood what Little Walter was saying and nodded to myself  whilst muttering under my breath “If you ain’t got the blues you ain’t  got no place foolin’ with it that’s for sure”.

Back home I thought long and hard about what Little Walter had said  to me that day, how could I spread the word? Then it came to me  suddenly,  ‘Honkin’ Harmonica Shop’, that’s how.

Hopefully I can help all blues harp players with everything they  need, but don’t worry, I know you already got the blues, that’s why your  here!

Honkin’ Tom