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Vintage Shure 570 microphone

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


Fentone ‘Little Walter’ Vintage Harmonica Microphone

vintage little walter microphone

You'll be playing 'Juke' till your lips turn blue!

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Vintage Akai ADM-6 Hi-Z Harmonica Microphone


Another hidden harp mic gem from Akai

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Ok Folks, quite a rare find we have here, especially in the UK

The Shure 570 mic from the 60's was used as a studio voice over mic, proof that this is a quality piece of kit.

Used as a harmonica microphone it fits in the hands no problems and comes supplied with a huge 5m lead terminating in a fresh quarter inch jack plug ready for your harp amp or P.A system.

This vintage Shure mic is low impedance which means you can use with a PA system with better results if this is your preferred choice of amplification.

If you check out the clip Ron Sunshine he is using a Fender Bassman amp you can hear it still sounds great through as guitar amp like most blues men use. If you wanted to go the whole hog you could find an impedance matching transformer to provide a full h-z signal.

All in all there is something a little unique and special about this mic, I've never seen one before and neither had the blues man in the video clip.

Ron comments in the video he is playing a 570s model, the only difference between the mic he is playing and the one for sale is the 'S' means his has a an on/off switch.

Fancy playing something a bit different? Make this one off Shure 570 be the thing.

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