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Vintage Calrad DM-30 Harmonica Microphone

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic

lee oskar major diatonic harmonica for sale

All over the world, players prefer Lee Oskar Harps over any other brand.

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Chord 10w Harmonica/ Guitar Amp

Chord harmonica amplifier

Take a look at this lovely 10W amplifier that sound great for blues harmonica.

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Here we have another superb vintage harp mic that gives a superb vintage tone when used as a harp mic.

This vintage microphone really is where it is at, remember, it doesn't always have to be a bullet mic to get the best sound, there were dozens of mics from the 50's to the 80's that had awesome results for blues harp and this vintage Calrad DM-30 is no exception.

Check out the video of Ron Sunshine showing you how good this mic really is.

Calrad are know for quality of sound and build of microphones, this little powerhouse fits well in the hands of all players but not light as a feather, there is a bit of weight, there and sturdy enough to take a knock or two.

A great tone from this 60's dynamic element and if you look at the grill in the picture it has a super cool 60's  feel to it with a cross hatch effect, you wouldn't find anything like this now.

This example is in first class condition with not a single mark on it. It comes complete with a sparkling new looking vintage screw on cable, a good size lead and terminating with a 1/4 inch jack ready to plug and play into your old tube amp or any harmonica amplifier for that reason.

An extra attribute is the on/off switch that always proves handy when controlling you r sound from that unwanted feedback.

Only one of these, at £50 it is one third of the cost of a bullet microphone, get yourself a piece of history and give your harmonica buddies something different to talk about.

Happy Harpin'

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