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Vintage Akai ADM-6 Hi-Z Harmonica Microphone

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


Slim Crystal Vintage Microphone

vintage crystal microphone, harp mic

Vintage crystal through and through, old stock, boxed and as tidy as they come

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Hohner Pro Harp Diatonic Harmonica

Hohner pro harp diatonic harmonica

Professionals are turning to this harp for its durability, consistent, powerful sound and slick appearance

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Akai produced a range of these mics through the 70's with the boom of the home cassette recorder. Move forward into the next millennium and we find the old mics extremely useful to play harmonica music by us blues harp players looking for a great amplified tone from a vintage harp mic.

Sometimes the modern mics can seem a bit soulless and everybody has the same mic. Think differently from the heard and try something a little different whilst blowing your harmonica buddies away with a great sound.

Another hidden gem, here we have the Akai ADM-6. I can't fault these mic, I have played through most of the ones that are high impedance and they all have a sound that is greater than its size and of course price tag.

Hook the harp mic through a decent little valve amp for a strong amplified tone, raspy highs and full bottom end beyond what this thing looks capable of. Play your diatonic harmonica till your lips turn blue.

A small simple mic that will fit easily in small hands is a simple stick shape popular in the 70's with a tasteful silver head, a good size lead and a 1/4 inch jack so there are no nasty surprises, you can plug and play straight away.

This harp microphone comes practically untouched in its original box, protective cover, instructions and a stand, all in immaculate condition.

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