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HOHNER Harmonica Special 20 HM

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


Honkin’ Tom’s Vintage 15g Tweed Amplifier

15w tweed harp amp harmonica amplifier

The 15w of power is just that bit louder to give yo the edge over smaller practice amps.

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Hohner Traveller Harmonica

hohner traveller harmonica

This is for the person on the move. Pobustly built with a stylish denim pouch

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Hohner Harmonica for Sale at Honkin' Harmonica Shop UK


When I first started playing blues harp I had a cassette a book by John Gindick, even back in the eighties he wrote that the Hohner Special 20 harmonica was about as far as you could go. He was right and has become my favourite harp ever since!

Durable plastic comb with mouthpiece for more playing comfort, recessed reed plates affixed with screws. The stable construction and full sound make the Hohner Special 20 one of the most popular Richter tuned models. Airtight, loud and reliable.  Check out the great harp player Ben Hewlett in the vid explaining a few things about it.

So..the pro's swear by The Hohner Special 20, beginner harmonica players love learning on them too, why start at the bottom.

It's just the best beginner harmonica available in the  full 12  keys. If you are a beginner the best key to start with is C.

Supplied with box and cleaning cloth.

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