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Grundig 312 Hi-Z Pencil Harp Mic

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


John Lennon ‘Imagine’ Signature Series Harmonica

John Lennon Imagine Signature Series harmonica

The ‘IMAGINE’ harmonica tributes the legacy of John Lennon, one of the greatest musicians ever.

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Hohner Flexrack Harmonica Harness


A masterpiece in design and function. Works with diatonic and tremolo harmonicas.

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I absolutely love these old German 60's/70's Grundig tape recorder microphones.

They are such an unlikely harp beast with it's unconventional plasticy harp mic looks and natty little protective case with stand that slots conveniently inside.

I was dubious at first as I modded the old 5 pin tape plug to a 1/4 inch jack but when I plugged it in the the first time...Wooahhhh, what a sound.

When plugged into my harp amp the dynamic element is super super strong, so strong infact I barely needed to turn the amp up. Not only is the signal extremely strong it is has an incredibly full sound with a massive bottom end.

This mic is the biggest suprise I've ever had out of an unknown mic. I checked the internet for other reviews and people are saying exactly the same as me, the vintage Grundig 312 mic kicks ass for blues.

If you, like me, are always looking for something different but knocks the socks of the usual contenders than maybe this is for you. It is light, comfortable, unusual, has an awesome sound and is easy on the pocket too.

Get your harmonica amplifier, plug in with caution, you don't want to smash any windows and enjoy playing your harmonica through a microphone you would never of imagined using.

Would make for a cool vintage harmonica gift idea for your blues buddy.

Check out the video, it is the 2nd mic in the clip after the Shure 575S which I often have for sale if that tickles your fancy.


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