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Eagle Impedance Matching Microphone Transformer

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


Shure 575S Harmonica Microphone

shure 575s vintage harmonica microphone

Strong Hi-Z element, get that slightly distorted chicago tone but not too muddy.

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ROBO-HOBO Harmonica Microphone

robo harmonica microphone for sale

For a great amplified tone with that distinctive 'Chicago tone''

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Great ideas to make you amplifed harmonica sound better

A metal screened transformer for matching the low impedance of better quality microphones to high impedance inputs. When used at the input it will minimise noise and losses due to the mic lead.

Here is an simpler explanation if you are new to this-

To acheive the best amplified sound you have a mic and a guitar amplifier and their impedance should be matched. The guitar amp already is high impedance so you need to make sure your mic is also high impedance.

If you have a normal vocal mic either new or vintage more often they are low impedance. To match your amp and make your mic high impedance simply use this transformer/connector. Voila, instand Chicago tone blues harp blowin' combo.

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