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Dual-Z Harmonica microphone

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


SonnyBoy Special 7 and 12 Harmonica Case Set

SonnyBoy diatonic harmonica set 7 for sale

This set is far superior in quality to many of the cheaper harmonicas currently available on the market.

Price : £89.00Add To Cart

Blues Man’s Harmonica Gear Case

Harmonica casegear box

No travelling bluesman should do without! Dimensions 28x14x9cm

Price : £12.99Add To Cart

Honkin' Tom Harmonica Microphones for sale-

To my mic collection i'm proud to add this PRO-SOUND Dual-Z Harp mic/vocal mic, two mics in one!!!

This mic is easy to cup and has a great tone, good bass response and easy to overdrive for that raw bluesy sound if your’e playing harp, it's also great to sing through by using the mics second function, a real all-rounder!

This mic has three settings:

HI-Z - The is the setting you require to get that muddy chicago blues groove, high impedance, low down 'n' dirty!

LOW-Z- This is the correct impedance for a vocal/singing mic when plugged into a P.A, crisp clear vocals.

OFF- You can't beat an off switch to help control feedback or any unwanted background noise at certain times.

You can't get a new mic that sounds this good for blues harp at this price!

Supplied with a approx 3m cord terminating in a 1/4 inch jack ready to plug in and play

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UK £2.99 Europe £5.49 International £7.99