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Johnny Brook Delay Pedal

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


Mini Amplifier for Blues Harmonica

Blues harmonica mini pocket amplifier for amplified harp

If you are looking for a raw amplified tone, ballsy but not feeding back

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Shure 560 Bullet Harp Microphone


This mic is Hi-Z ready to rip through your tube amp and has massively long lead

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Johnny Brook delay pedal for vintage recorded harmonica blues tone

The Delay Pedal from Johnny Brook packs a lot of effect into a sturdy compact and truly affordable piece of kit. Always popular the Delay Effects Pedal records your input signal to an audio storage medium; the signal can then be played back multiple times to create the sound of a repeating decaying echo.

Controls: REGEN/MIX/DELAY/Pedal Switch
Jacks: Input Output AC Adaptor
Input Impedance: 1 MOhm
Output Impedance: 1 MOhm
Power Supply: DC 9 V Adaptor (P003B or G02MA)
Batteries: PP3
Current Draw: 22 mA (DC 9 V)

Vintage delay effects allow for the vintage tones of the 50's recording harmonica artists, noticeably by our main man, Little Walter who used his delay pedal into an old valve guitar amplifier using a Monarch MC-24 crystal pencil mic.

A really heavy duty piece of kit, much more robust than anything in it's price range.

Hook up your harp mic through this delay pedal and into your harmonica amplifier and play that blues harp music with the vintage Chicago tone you been searchin' for.

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