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Chord 'Blues Ten' 12 Diatonic Harmonica set

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


Chord ‘Blues Ten’ 12 Diatonic Harmonica set


You can't beat having a blues harmonica for every occasion

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Alctron Bullet Harmonica Microphone


This bullet mic also serves as a great vocal microphone with killer vintage looks

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Online Harmonica UK Shop Special - Blues Harp Set

You can't beat having a blues harmonica for every occasion. At this price you can't afford not to!

Set of 12 Chord Blues Ten diatonic harmonicas in every possible key to allow accompaniment to all pieces of music. Supplied in a bespoke fabric and hard foam zip case with individual harmonica compartments in a soft, plush interior.

This harmonica set makes for a great harmonica gift idea. Suitable for the beginner harmonica player or as a spare set for that jam night where you get caught out without the best key harmonica for the job.

Comprehensive set of keys

Key choice: A / A# / B / C / C# / D / D# / E / F / F# / G / G#
Dimensions: 270 x 80 x 210mm
Weight: 1.21kg

Shipping Costs

UK £5 Europe £13.49 International £16