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Microphones for Harmonica

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


Alctron Bullet Harmonica Microphone


This bullet mic also serves as a great vocal microphone with killer vintage looks

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Realistic Highball 2. James Cotton Mic Copy


A vintage copy of the James Cotton Shure mic with bags of Chicago tone

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Harmonica microphones are used for amplified blues harp but can be used for vocals too in some case, usually if you are looking for that lo-fi vocal sound as used by Jack White and other artists. Traditionally, crystal harmonica microphones give the original 'Chicago tone' when plugged into a harp amp and dynamic mics give great tone and are generally more rugged. All these harp mics fir sake below are suitable for playing harmonica. Something to think about when choosing a harp mic is the size of it’s body and will it fit into you cupped hands properly? Many bullet microphones are too big for even average size hands so it may look cool but if a tight seal cannot be made the correct tone cannot be achieved. Other things to consider are lead length, on/off switch and volume control.Check out our range of harmonica microphones for sale here at Honkin’ Harmonicas and get that Little Walter sound.
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Crystal Palm Microphone for Harmonica

The sound of a bullet with Wah-Wah! Best suited to solo playing and rehearsals.

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robo harmonica microphone for sale

ROBO-HOBO Harmonica Microphone

For a great amplified tone with that distinctive 'Chicago tone''

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Grundig 312 Hi-Z Pencil Harp Mic

When I plugged it in the the first time...Wooahhhh, what a sound.

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Dual-Z harmonica microphone

Dual-Z Harmonica microphone

Supplied with a approx 3m cord terminating in a 1/4 inch jack ready to play

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Superlux harmonica microphone

Superlux D112/C Harmonica Microphone

Specialty mic with the look of traditional harmonica mics, but with modern features and low feedback

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Shure 520DX Green Bullet Harmonica Microphone

Shure 520DX Green Bullet Harmonica Microphone

When people think about harp mics they think the Shure Green Bullet.

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Eagle Dual-z harmonica microphone for sale

Eagle Dual-Z Microphone for Harmonica

The mic body is made of a heavy solid steel and will happily take a knock or two.

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VOM Ceramic mic-medium

Voice of Music ‘Silver Bullet’ Ceramic Harp Mic

This harp mic from the 60's has all the style and tone you need.

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shure 575s vintage harmonica microphone

Shure 575S Harmonica Microphone

Strong Hi-Z element, get that slightly distorted chicago tone but not too muddy.

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