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Akai DM-13 Microphone for Blues Harp

You've got the blues. We've got the tools.


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This is a meaty blues harp mic in quality, build, size and sound, all the boxes ticked there then!

This is like a time warp microphone, it comes boxed with stand instructions and the cellophane cover that goes over the mic.

Originally an old tape microphone from the 60's/70's these old Akai mics have proved quite popular with harp players in the know.

What makes these kind of mics great is they are virtually unknown to most harmonica players, everybody talking about vastly expensive bullet shaped mics but when you check out the YouTube clip you will see there is no real reason for this, pick up this mic at a fraction of the cost and have something real to talk about down the blues club from the usual harp mic conversations.

The mic has a good sized lead with a 1/4 inch jack ready to plug in and play into you harmonica amplifier. If you ain't got one of those either, let me know and I will try to match you up with something just a cool. Stick on some vintage delay and you will be sounding like a super cool blues player in no time when you plug into your valve harp amp.

Check out Mr Ron Sunshine in the video clip to see this vintage mic really can do.

A real one-off and a truly great sounding harp mic, you won't be disappointed.

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